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Testing centre of excellence


Testing Centre of excellence

  • Understand the current state of the testing organization in terms of processes ,people and end to end testing practices
  • Based on assessment report and Road Map, align the Testing Centre goals to the customer’s goals.
  • Using a phased approach, implement the Testing Centre Of Excellence using the SCORE Framework.
  • Phase wise deliverables provide a step by step improvement in the testing Organisation
  • Centralize function which integrates people, process and tools

What does Testing Centre of excellence provide?

  • Benefits an organization in terms of improved quality, faster time to market and lower cost of ownership.
  • Phase wise improvement in the testing process in the organization.
  • Continuous Process Improvement initiatives to increase the maturity of the testing function.

What we offer ?

Testing Process Establishment

Define and rollout standardized testing processes with entry and exit criteria, activities, supporting guidelines, checklists etc.

Test Strategy Development

Program-wide test strategy design including solution approach, key testing types, resources and tool requirements, risks and dependencies etc.

Design of Test Governance Framework

Institute Test Governance with clear roles and responsibilities, quality control and compliance measures, multi-vendor management etc.

Design of Testing Metrics and Measurement Framework

Define and rollout key project / product / process metrics with dashboards to track performance trend and support in test planning.

Test Tool Rationalization and Solution Adoption

Evaluate and recommend a tool management framework for right licensing models, utilization best practices with supporting frameworks for easy adoption.

Knowledge Management Framework Development

Plan and build knowledge repository incl. application / process / organization knowledge to build, capture disseminate knowledge