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TaaS is basically consumption driven model like electricity, you pay how much ever power you consume. TaaS is also deliverable based pricing, while consuming it you might have actually asked for some deliverables and that’s how we price it. You want a test strategy then there is a certain amount for that. What we are providing here is flexibility to meet the demand which is lacking in quite lot of models. Here we give customer total flexibility on what they want to do and finally customer is paying on what they consume there is no upfront money (Avoidance of upfront investment). You consume and you pay. People, processes, tools, accelerators and technology all are delivered in a consumable way. So when we come with you we won’t come with people rather we come with people, tools, ready to use processes, accelerators, our expertise in technologies and whatever we have learnt in the last 2 decades of testing all that accelerators and everything is available. If we use accelerator we end up doing the job with less number of people and that’s a saving for us and not for the customer. 

Basically it reduces the outage risk since people are available. No Upfront investment, Forecast the consumption of testing services like tell what we need and we will tell how much it cost and suddenly if they say we don’t have much work then also no problem as we remove the people and there is no need to pay. 

What we offers in TaaS:

We have 3 models in TaaS – Functional and Automation (FTaaS), Performance (PTaaS) & Mobile (MTaaS).

How we offer in Taas:

What do we do basically is we have a catalogue, if customer says I need functional testing we say the test phases like we need to create the test plan, TC development and TC Execution and based on our catalogue we have put a unit called FT as xxxx number for Test plan, The units used in TaaS are called as test units. Units like Hrs, Person, Minutes, etc….

There will be Client business team, Onsite/Offshore TaaS leader, Offshore TaaS delivery team will be there. Customer will never interact with delivery team, customer will only talk to Onsite/Offshore lead who is our face. Customer will give the testing needs, then we have to understand for projection and come up with FTU projections. We take all the FTU, PTU, and MTU and put them under testing request then the testing requests will be divided into 30 day – 60 day – 90 day request. 

Also, we will give dashboard to customer, which will show how many projects are running, how much the FTU forecast is, how many are there in pipeline and how many FTUs are delivered so far, etc….


If you are not at home, your electricity will be off but still you have to pay the base, similarly in TaaS bare minimum customer should pay even if he is not using the service for that time being.