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Nonfunctional testing

1. Performance Testing – well-defined and structured performance testing process, which will be adopted for client applications performance testing. We  propose to execute in a phased manner for better control and predictability. This approach will involve typical performance testing phases namely ‘Discover’, ‘Plan’, ‘Design’, ‘Execute, Analyze and Report’ with clear deliverables and activities. 

Application security on demand – on demand platform for application security. We can do on demand scans for various customers to assess and detect any kind of vulnerability, any kind of security threats we can identify and we can also propose with our advisory services. We can also propose how that particular areas can be improvised, how we can do the remediation on to those particular area. Static and Dynamic security testing is predominantly where we can even do code analysis like if you scan those particular code we can tell here are the code which has to be changed so that it is not vulnerable from security aspect.