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Life cycle testing

Life Cycle Testing:

We have bundled all our traditional kind of testing and we have Functional & Automation testing, DevOps, , Compliance and White Box Testing.  

We have created lot of innovative frameworks like Keyword driven, Data Driven, BDD… Such kind of innovative frameworks are created for automation testing and when we work with the customer we will identify which technology they are using, what kind of tools, what kind of requirements customers are having and based on that we will deploy these frameworks and our jump start kits (pre purpose accelerators) which we have created in the various areas from industry and technology side and we deploy them to increase the productivity. 


Automation suite development:
  • Plan and priorities the tests
  • Build AUT object repository
  • Develop application specific reusable components
  • Test data preparation
  • Integrate all to build scripts
  • Debug test scripts & fix issues
  • Execute batch scripts
Test Results:
  • Analyse pass/fail results
  • Review defects
  • Report defects
  • Repeat the execution and result analysis process as required
  • Lessons learned
  • Collect metrics
  • Calculate ROI
Identify or develop pilot:
  • Tool customizations
  • Framework
  • Test driver(s)
  • Script integrators
  • Reusable components
  • POC test scripts
  • Result comparators
  • Storing and retrieving results
  • Requirements
  • Test cases & procedures
  • Test data
  • Expected results
  • AUT technology
  • Interface specifications
  • System/Component configuration description
  • Automation governance (cost and technical feasibility)
  • Defect  trends
  • Risk, mitigation and contingency plans